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SHEAF Homeschooling Group Mission Statement:

We are a collection of homeschooling families striving to educate our children in a manner that is pleasing to God. Preparing them in their Faith and in the scholastic knowledge they need to fulfill their mission from God. We support one another through group activities, exchanging of ideas, sharing of time and talent, and praying for each other frequently. We humbly place ourselves under the Authority of God through obedience to His Holy Catholic Church.

SHEAF JOAD Mission Statement:

Bringing honor and glory to God through the sport of archery. We "Witness" by focusing on good sportsmanship, respect for coaches, those in authority and one another. We are honing, utilizing and sharing the gifts we have been given by God.

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Saint Sebastian, Patron Saint of archers, pray for me that I may do my best, aim true, and always give it my best effort. If I should fail, pray for me that I may have the strength to work hard, focus, and try again.     St. Sebastian,

Patron Saint of Archers,

Pray for us.








SHEAF JOAD Members have been taking lessons  at  Kaminski Archery

    Pictured: Mrs. Amanda Kaminski    


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September 11,2013 SHEAF Homeschool Group has First Meeting of School Year!